Community Art Brisbane 2021, Germany, Bochum

A media alley for everyone.

Community is build by everyones participation. Here, everybody can participate in bringing the interactive walls of the media alley to life. Expressing feelings and views openly helps shape and rethink our communities and our own values.

The concept is based on the idea of reviving unused areas that easily become dark alleys and giving them a social benefit. In this case, the focus is on letting the community actively participate in the design of the alley. Because people are given the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings, many new interpersonal relationships can develop, since current topics can also be expressed and art often stimulates discussion. In addition, the newly created public area could develop into a meeting place for different groups: friends who want to pass the time or, for example, students who want to present their projects. The redesign creates an open communication area on which anyone can express their thoughts, practice social criticism, or present themselves. You simply connect your mobile device to the existing WiFi and can then display and play your photos or videos on a randomly assigned screen. The shape chosen also reflects the concept of openness, as it is designed dynamically and openly. It should be inviting and appealing, attract the attention of passers-by and, above all, invite them to explore and participate. The roof opens onto the projections from both sides, creating a stage that draws the eye straight to the main focus. In addition, the roof offers sun and rain protection and, thanks to the installed lamps that are adapted to the rotary movement, exciting lighting and, especially at night, conveys a greater feeling of security than a dark alley. Due to the modular structure of the seating and projection surfaces, dismantling and assembly at different locations is possible, thus also expanding the art installation for larger and longer unused areas.



Team members : none

Supervisor : Waldemar Jeneke

Institution : Hochschule Bochum



Moritz Rodemann