Occupy Bus Stops: Have Your Place in Digital Public Space Turkey, ISTANBUL

Offering a virtual canvas which is located at the bus stops, the project tries to knit the experience of art with the dynamism of city life. The project introduces a cloud-based gaming platform and displays the content via JPEG image streaming.

Occupy Bus Stops: Gaze the Art 'Cause Art is a Human Right

This design aims to question the place and contribution level of individuals in digital public space. As public spaces act as a catalyst of the diverse level of urban community, they can be defined as the heart of a city (Deore & Lathia, 2014). These places are said to determine the levels of personal experience and give shape to the degree of practice. Accordingly, the effects of digitalization have blurred the lines between traditional public spaces and the digital ones. Citizens are not included in the construction and production of these versatile digital public environments; Architecture and hardware behind the structure seem to be built around to address receptive domains. Thus, citizens are getting more passive each day. Occupy Bus Stops tries to lessen the gap between individuals and digital public spaces. The project endeavors to invite and encourage individuals to play an active role in the design of basic organizational structures and surroundings. By doing so, the project is believed to contribute to the elevation of personal consciousness and revisit the alternative ways of creating social consciousness in urban societies.



Team members : Meral Şentürk

Supervisor : Asst. Prof. Dr. Adviye Ayça Ünlüer Çimen

Institution : Yıldız Technical University