Aura 2023, Germany, Weimar

Discover unspoken feelings and state of being

Aura is an electromagnetic field that our body radiates into our surroundings. It is a visual representation of a person’s spiritual energy through colours. Since the 1970's, photography has been used as a 'medium' to let us see this aura and interpret these colours to understand more about ourselves, personalities or our current state of minds. With the use of new media, a newly-interpreted aura photography and aura reading theory allow us to discover our own unspoken feelings and state of being.

For centuries, spirit photography has become a visual technology that revealed previously unseen truths and yielded new understandings of time, space, scale, the body and even life and death. The project embraces these so-called irrational and unproven theories and photographic practices, which have been systematically overlooked by the conventional understandings of Bauhaus. Through an actualised technique of aura photography, it aims to challenge the boundary of things that we consider ‘knowledge’ in the educational system. Hidden underneath the basement of Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, participants were invited to take part in aura photography and reading session using heart rate sensors and colour reading to learn more about their body and soul.



Team members : Peechana Chayochaichana

Supervisor : Prof. Dr. Mona Mahall, Dr. Sabine Zierold, Yelta Köm, Brian Larson Clark

Institution : Bauhaus-Universität Weimar


Technical Concept : Originally, aura readers capture a person's aura by collecting their bio-data, such as body temperature or humidity from skin contact with the electrified metal plates, then turns those electromagnetic energies into a colourful portrait. Derived from the original aura photography method, the device with Arduino nano and a heart rate sensor, is designed to collect participants' pulse rate and translate those values into different shades of HSV colours, which are shown in the LED Strips. With the light and colours from this device, participants are allowed to actively interact with the space by using their own choice of movements, of which after being captured by a long exposure camera (light painting technique) will eventually become an extension of their bodies, an aura of their own.

Visual Concept : After capturing the aura of a person, the aura is interpreted by using the aura colour theory, which are widely common in the field of aura studies, alongside another new theory, the interpretation of the choice of movement, which is personalised to each individual. As participants can move freely through the space with the device that projects their personal colours, the amalgamation of both old and new aura reading theories are used to interpret participants’ personalities and emotions and bring them along the journey of self-discovery through these spiritual sessions.


Peechana Chayochaichana

Peechana Chayochaichana

Peechana Chayochaichana

Peechana Chayochaichana

Peechana Chayochaichana