Sketch Lab 2022, Australia, Brisbane

A multisensory augmented reality music maker

Sketch Lab is a multi-sensory, immersive music making experience designed to playfully activate public spaces and encourage spontaneous and exploratory interactions. By using hand gestures and body movements, you can trigger, loop and manipulate synthesisers, drum beats and vocal loops to create a unique audio visual experience.

As an adult, how often do you participate in spontaneous, playful behaviour? Music, dance and rhythm are the foundation of culture, style and expression. Sketch Lab is an experimental concept which allows you to take part in spontaneous, playful music creation by using an intersection of human movement and technology. With animated visuals projected on the wall and catchy music played within the space, participants can collaborate to start, stop, and augment both the audio and the visuals within the play area. This project was inspired by the child-like joy found in music and rhythm-making, and the desire to make it accessible for all, regardless of technical skill.



Team members : Jaime Forson

Supervisor : Dr Heather McKinnon

Institution : Queensland University of Technology


Technical Concept : Using a Kinect body tracking camera, the participant can touch augmented elements in the space projected in front of them to trigger various sound sequences and visual animations. Touch Designer powers the connections between the Kinect, and the music production software Ableton, which has many clips loaded with original music and loops that I created. By moving different parts of the body within the play space, the participant can manipulate and ‘remix’ what they are seeing and hearing. There is also a customised Touch OSC interface on an iPad available for participants to use which allows them to have greater control over the audio and visuals, and also allows participants with physical limitations to fully experience the installation.

Visual Concept : The visuals within this experience are all of a hand-drawn style to play on the theme of child-like wonder and ludic behaviour. As this is a concept piece, the animations can be easily changed to suit brand activations, or even expanded to incorporate participants' drawings and input. Once the buttons are triggered, the animations play on a loop, along with the sound, until the button is triggered again. Coloured blocks signify which audio filter is applied, and raising and lowering the arm will amplify the filter (high pass, delay, beat repeat, echo).


Jaime Forson

Jaime Forson

Jaime Forson

Jaime Forson

Jaime Forson