Melting Point 2021, Germany, Bochum

An interactive Pavilion which concept deals with global climate change

The concept of this design deals with global climate change, which is a constant problem that will increase in the future.

In order to make people think about this problem, this pavilion was designed with interactive Elements. The design is inspired by the structure of icebergs, which are severely affected by climate change, as they gradually melt and thus reflect the issues of climate change. In order to illustrate the melting of the icebergs, this pavilion was composed of individual luminous panels, which slowly become transparent when touched and thus "melt". When the surface is no longer touched, the panel becomes opaque and gets its bright white effect again, so it "freezes". This playful interaction with the pavilion is intended to be remembered by the user. The structure shows that everyone is involved in climate change and can contribute to slow down global warming. Next to the moral aspect, the pavilion is a cosy place to relax and collect impressions during the day, and especially at night.



Team members : Jannis Rune Budzinski

Supervisor : Waldemar Jenek

Institution : Hochschule Bochum



Jannis Rune Budzinski

Jannis Rune Budzinski

Jannis Rune Budzinski

Jannis Rune Budzinski